United States of America's Mrs. Nevada 2021

Jenny Ruhnke

Jennifer is a proud wife of 9 years to her husband Jay. They both serve in the military and have five children. Corban 7, Klein 5, Christian and Kieran 4, and Ryan 2. She is an Air Force Major as an Aircraft Maintenance Officer. She is also a certified yoga instructor. 


Jennifer’s platform is “Take Flight, Soar to New Heights!” Empowering women to continue to achieve new and old goals and keep striving for more. Physically her and her husband have started their platform to take women up in the air to give them an opportunity to pilot an airplane!


Jennifer is on the Southern Nevada Leadership board for the American Cancer Society, continuing her efforts to spread awareness and increase funding for life saving efforts. She also volunteers regularly as a life groups instructor for Shade Tree Las Vegas, and involved in several other nonprofit organizations to include, The Just One Project, the Olive Crest Foundation, and Kline Veteran’s Fund.